Measures Background

In order to support investigations of the causes and consequences of variation in public health service delivery, the Multi-network Practice and Outcome Variation Examination (MPROVE) Study was launched in 2012.

A standardized set of delivery measures across nearly 300 local practice settings in 6 states was developed, and data were collected in 2013. The data are being analyzed, and some preliminary results have been published.

The measures characterize volume, intensity, quality, efficiency, and equity of service delivery in three core domains of chronic disease prevention, communicable disease control, and environmental health protection.

The PHAST Study has led an effort to revise the original MPROVE measure specifications based on feedback from MPROVE study investigators and careful examination of the 6-state dataset. Further input was solicited from a broad group of public health practice-based research network members to produce the final 1.1 version of the measures.

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MPROVE Study Measures version 1.0