About Us

The Public Health Activities and Services Tracking (PHAST) project is housed at the University of Washington and led by Dr. Betty Bekemeier. PHAST works on a variety of projects that develop processes and systems to improve data use by state and local public health departments across the United States. We work to create reliable comparisons across space and time, enabling data-driven decision making to improve population health.


PHAST’s goal is to make dependable, comparable data available to the more than 2800 state and local public health departments across the United States. This information better enables public health practice partners to make data-driven decisions that help to create healthier communities.


  • Community. The most effective responses to population health challenges and opportunities come from and are relevant to the communities affected.
  • Data. Better population health and fair public health services can best be achieved with accurate information.
  • Data Accessibility. Having easy access to high-quality, standardized, comparable data in a visual format is foundational for shaping local, state, and national decisions.
  • Collaboration. Sharing information collaboratively makes work more effective. Shared data—presented in a clear and engaging way—promotes understanding and discussion to address system-level issues.



Northwest Center for Public Health Practice, University of Washington School of Public Health     PHNCI     County Health Rankings and Roadmaps     ASTHO     NACCHO

Funding Support

 OMH: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health